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Works of Herbert Howells

Year                          Title

1911>>>Sonata for violin & piano in B minor

1912>>>Haec Dies, for chorus

1912>>>Mass in the Dorian Mode, for chorus

1913>>>Even Such Is Time, for chorus

1913>>>When the Dew is Falling, for voice & piano

1914>>>The B's, suite for orchestra, Op. 13

1914>>>Dances (3) for violin & orchestra, Op. 7

1914>>>Nunc Dimittis for chorus

1914>>>Piano Concerto No. 1 in C minor, Op. 4

1915>>>Psalm Preludes for organ, Set 1, Op. 32

1915>>>Two Madrigals, for chorus

1916>>>Piano Quartet in A minor, Op. 21

1916>>>Regina Coeli, for chorus

1916>>>Rhapsody for organ No. 1 in D flat major

1917>>>An Old Man's Lullaby

1917>>>By the Waters of Babylon, for baritone, violin, cello & organ

1917>>>Cradle Song, for violin & piano, Op. 9/1

1917>>>Elegy, for viola, string quartet & string orchestra

1917>>>Fantasy String Quartet, Op. 25

1917>>>Here She Lies

1917>>>Rhapsodic Quintet, for clarinet quintet, Op. 31

1917>>>Sonata for violin & piano No. 1 in E major, Op. 18

1917>>>Sonata for violin & piano No. 2 in E flat major, Op. 26

1918>>>Carol-Anthems (3) for chorus

1918>>>Here Is the Little Door, carol-anthem for chorus

1918>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in G

1918>>>Sing Lullaby, carol-anthem for chorus

1919>>>In Green Ways, for soprano & orchestra, Op. 43

1919>>>Mrs. MacQueen, for voice & piano

1919>>>Rhapsody for organ in C sharp minor, Op. 17/3 

1919>>>A Spotless Rose, for chorus 

1920>>>Blessed Are the Dead

1920>>>Merry-Eye, for orchestra

1920>>>O Garlands, Hanging by the Doors

1920>>>Procession, for orchestra, Op. 36

1920>>>Procession, version for orchestra

1922>>>Sine nomine: A Phantasy, for soprano, tenor, chorus & orchestra, Op. 37

1923>>>Lord, Who Createdst Man, for 3 voices & piano

1923>>>My Master Hath a Garden, for treble chorus & piano

1923>>>Pastoral Rhapsody, for orchestra

1923>>>The Shadows, partsong for choir

1923>>>Sonata for violin & piano No. 3 in E minor, Op. 38

1923>>>String quartet No. 3 ("In Gloucestershire")

1924>>>Te Deum, Benedictus and Jubilate in E flat for union voices & organ

1925>>>Country Tune, for violin & piano

1925>>>Paradise Rondel, for orchetra, Op. 40

1925>>>Piano Concerto No. 2 in C major, Op. 39

1925>>>When First Thine Eyes Unveil, for chorus & organ 

1927>>>De la Mares Pavane

1928>>>Come Sing and Dance for voice & piano

1929>>>Howells' Clavichord, complete (Books 1 & 2)

1933>>>Cello Concerto

1933>>>A Kent Yeoman's Wooing Song, for soprano, baritone, chorus & orchestra

1933>>>Organ Sonata

1933>>>Penguinski, ballet

1934>>>King's Herald, for orchestra (from the suite Pageantry)

1934>>>A Maid Peerless, for female chorus & strings/piano

1935>>>Threnody for cello & orchestra (orch. by Christopher Palmer)

1936>>>Fantasia for cello & orchestra

1936>>>Requiem, for soprano, 2 tenors, bass & chorus 

1937>>>Pageantry, suite for brass band

1938>>>Concerto for string orchestra

1938>>>Hymnus Paradisi for soprano, tenor, chorus & orchestra

1940>>>Pieces (6) for organ

1940>>>Preludio sine nomine, for organ

1940>>>Psalm Preludes for organ, Set 2

1941>>>Dyson's Delight for clavichord

1941>>>Howells' Clavichord, Book I

1941>>>Intrada for organ

1941>>>Jacobs Brawl

1941>>>Like as the Hart Desireth the Waterbrooks (Psalm 42), anthem for chorus 

1941>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for Men's Voices and Organ

1941>>>O Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, for chorus

1942>>>Suite for String orchestra

1942>>>Sussex Mummers' Carol ("O mortal man"), for chorus, strings & organ

1943>>>Fanfare for Schools, for 3 trumpets, 4 horns, 3 trombones, tuba, snare drum & timpani

1944>>>Te Deum and Jubilate, for chorus & organ (Collegium Regale) 

1945>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, for chorus & organ (Collegium Regale)

1946>>>A Near-Minuet for clarinet & piano

1946>>>Te Deum and Benedictus (Christ Church Cathedral, Canterbury), for chorus & organ

1948>>>Music for a Prince, for orchestra

1949>>>The House of the Mind, motet for chorus & organ

1950>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (for St. Paul's Cathedral) 

1950>>>Walking in the Snow, for chorus

1952>>>Behold, O God Our Defender for chorus

1952>>>Te Deum and Benedictus (St. George's Chapel, Windsor), for chorus & organ

1953>>>Inheritance (for A Garland for the Queen)

1955>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in B minor (CMS Jubilee Festival Service, Westminster)

1956>>>The Office of the Holy Communion (Collegium Regale), for chorus & organ

1957>>>Evening Canticles for St. John's College, Cambridge (Collegium Sancti Johannis Cantabrigiense)

1957>>>The Scribe, for chorus

1958>>>Rhapsody for organ No 4

1959>>>Dalby's Fancy, for organ

1959>>>Dalby's Toccata, for organ

1959>>>Hymn for St Cecilia, for chorus

1959>>>Long, Long Ago, for chorus

1961>>>Coventry Antiphon, for chorus

1961>>>Howells' Clavichord, Book II

1961>>>A Sequence for St Michael, motet for soprano, tenor, chorus & organ

1964>>>The Summer is Coming, for chorus

1964>>>Take Him, Earth, for Cherishing, motet on the death of President Kennedy for chorus 

1965>>>Stabat Mater, for tenor solo, chorus & orchestra

1965>>>Te Deum ("For the Church of St. Mary, Redcliffe, Bristol")

1966>>>God be in my head, for chorus

1966>>>Te Deum Laudamus (Searle Wright at St. Paul's Chapel Columbia University) 

1966>>>The "Sarum" Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

1967>>>Jubilate (Chapel Royal Service) 

1967>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (St. Augustine's)

1967>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Winchester Service)

1967>>>Nunc dimittis for chorus & organ (Chichester Service)

1968>>>Coventry Mass

1969>>>Flourish for a Bidding, for organ

1969>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Cathedral Church of Hereford)

1970>>>Thee Will I Love, for chorus

1971>>>Partita for organ

1973>>>The York Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

1974>>>Exultate Deo, for chorus & organ

1974>>>Havingham Sketches, for organ

1974>>>Te Deum (West Riding Cathedrals), for chorus & organ

1975>>>Dallas Canticles

1976>>>Antiphon, for chorus

1976>>>Come, My Soul for chorus

1976>>>The Fear of the Lord, anthem

1976>>>Sweetest of Sweets, for chorus

1977>>>St Louis Comes to Clifton, for organ

1977>>>Te Deum Laudamus (Washington Cathedral), for chorus & organ (completed by John Buttrey)

1977>>>Tryste Noel, for choir & piano

TBD>>>All my hope on God is founded (tune: Michael), for chorus

TBD>>>Allego impetuoso for organ

TBD>>>Allego Scherzando for organ

TBD>>>Anthems (4) for organ

TBD>>>Aria for organ

TBD>>>Benedictus (Windsor Service)

TBD>>>Benedictus for chorus


TBD>>>By the Hearth-stone

TBD>>>Chichester Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

TBD>>>Chichester Service

TBD>>>Children's Songs (3)

TBD>>>Chorale for organ

TBD>>>The Chosen Tune, for keyboard

TBD>>>Cobler's Hornpipe

TBD>>>An English Mass for chorus

TBD>>>Epilogue, for organ

TBD>>>Evening Service for Voices in Unison

TBD>>>Figures (3)

TBD>>>Five Early Songs, for voice & piano, Op. 7


TBD>>>Folksongs (3)

TBD>>>French Chansons (4), Op.29

TBD>>>Full Moon


TBD>>>A Garland for de la Mare

TBD>>>Gavotte for voice & piano

TBD>>>Girl's Song

TBD>>>Gloria in Excelsis

TBD>>>Gloucester Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

TBD>>>Gloucester Service

TBD>>>God Is Gone Up, for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Goddess of the Night

TBD>>>A Grace for 10 Downing Street, for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Hills of the North, for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Holy Spirit, ever dwelling (tune: Salisbury), hymn

TBD>>>Hughes' ballet

TBD>>>I love all beauteous things, for chorus & organ

TBD>>>In manus tuas (This world, my God, is held within your hand), for chorus & organ

TBD>>>King David for voice & piano

TBD>>>King of Glory for chorus

TBD>>>Lambert's Clavichord: Twelve Pieces for Clavichord, Op 41

TBD>>>Lento, assai espressivo, for violin & piano

TBD>>>Let God arise, anthem for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Levavi oculos meos, for female chorus & organ

TBD>>>The Little Boy Lost, song

TBD>>>Lost Love Song, for voice & piano

TBD>>>The Magdalen College, Oxford Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

TBD>>>Magnificat (Collegium Santi Johannis Cantabrigiense)

TBD>>>Magnificat (from the Dallas Canticles)

TBD>>>Magnificat (New College Service)

TBD>>>Magnificat (Sarum Service)

TBD>>>Magnificat (Worcester Service)

TBD>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (unspecified)

TBD>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis for the Collegiate Church of Saint Peter in Westminster

TBD>>>Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, for men's chorus & organ in E major

TBD>>>Magnificat in G

TBD>>>Magnificat (Westminster Service)

TBD>>>Mally O!

TBD>>>Master Tallis' Testament

TBD>>>Miniatures, 30 pieces for organ

TBD>>>Missa Aedis Christi

TBD>>>Missa Sabrinensis

TBD>>>The Mugger's Song

TBD>>>Musica sine Nomine

TBD>>>My Eyes for Beauty Pine, for chorus & organ

TBD>>>New College Service

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (Collegium Santi Johannis Cantabrigiense)

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (from the Dallas Canticles)

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (New College Service)

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (Sarum Service)

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (Worcester Service)

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis in G

TBD>>>Nunc Dimittis (Westminster Service)

TBD>>>O Holy City, seen of John

TBD>>>O Salutarius Hostia for chorus

TBD>>>O, My Dier Hert

TBD>>>Old Meg

TBD>>>Old Skinflint

TBD>>>One Thing Have I Desired, motet for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Organ Sonata No. 1 in D minor, Op. 2

TBD>>>Paean for chorus

TBD>>>Paean for organ

TBD>>>Peacock Pie, Op 33

TBD>>>Phantasy Minuet, for pianola, Op. 27

TBD>>>Pieces (3) for violin & piano, Op. 28

TBD>>>Pieces (3), Op.14

TBD>>>Preces and Responses for chorus & organ, Nos 1 & 2, complete

TBD>>>Prelude for organ, "De Profundis"

TBD>>>Prelude on Psalm 34:6

TBD>>>Prelude, No.1 for Harp

TBD>>>Psalm "Lo the Poor Crieth"

TBD>>>Psalm 121 "I will Lift up Mine Eyes" for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Psalm 122 for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Psalm 142 ("I cried unto the Lord with my voice"), for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Psalm 37 "Noli aemulari" (from St. Paul Psalter)

TBD>>>Psalm 39: I said I will take heed to my ways

TBD>>>Psalm 56: Be Merciful Unto Me O God

TBD>>>Psalm Preludes for organ, Set 2, Op. 32/2

TBD>>>Psalm Preludes for organ, Sets 1 & 2

TBD>>>Puck's Minuet, for orchestra, Op. 20/1

TBD>>>Quasi lento for organ

TBD>>>The Restful Branches, song

TBD>>>Rhapsodies (3) for organ, Op. 17

TBD>>>Rhapsody for organ, Op. 17/1

TBD>>>Rhapsody for organ, Op. 17/2

TBD>>>Salve Regina, for chorus 


TBD>>>Saraband for the Morning of Easter

TBD>>>Sarum Sketches

TBD>>>Serenade for strings

TBD>>>Short Pieces (6) for organ

TBD>>>Siciliano for a High Ceremony, for organ

TBD>>>Sir Patrick Spens, for tenor, baritone, chorus & orchestra, Op. 23

TBD>>>Slow Airs (2) for violin & piano

TBD>>>Slow Dance (Double the Cape)

TBD>>>Snapshots, Op 30

TBD>>>Sonata for clarinet & piano

TBD>>>Sonata for oboe & piano


TBD>>>Songs (4), Op. 22

TBD>>>South African Settings (2)

TBD>>>St Michael Requiem

TBD>>>Suite for orchestra "The B's"

TBD>>>Sweet Content

TBD>>>Te Deum (for King's College Choirs, Cambridge)

TBD>>>Te Deum (Windsor Service)

TBD>>>Te Deum Laudamus

TBD>>>Three Rondeaux, for voice & piano, Op. 12

TBD>>>Tranquillo, ma con moto for organ

TBD>>>Under the Greenwood Tree (from As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 5)

TBD>>>Unknown Work

TBD>>>Upon a Summer's Day

TBD>>>Voluntary for organ: Psalm Prelude in D

TBD>>>Waltons Toye

TBD>>>We have heard with our ears, anthem for chorus & organ

TBD>>>Where wast thou? for chorus & organ

TBD>>>The Widow Bird, song for voice & piano, Op. 22/3

TBD>>>The Worcester Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis

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